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Starting your own business, we help and guide you in executing your business plan & goals. We provide solutions that are innovative, practical, assessable, and affordable we are focused on starting, growing, or developing your business or project.


What you need to consider when starting your own business:


1.“ Are you unhappy in your job or are you unemployed?”

2. “Is it time to become self-employed and start your own business?”

3. “Are you afraid of this new situation and of the risks you will face?”

4. “Do you need help, guidance, and support for this new business venture?”

5. “Are you ready and committed to start and set goals for yourself?”

6. “Have you considered all the challenges and risks you will face in achieving your goals?”

7. “Have you prepared a business plan to deliver on your goals to minimise the risk of failure?”

8. “Success or failure either is possible are you ready to take the plunge to sink or swim?”

9. “What will success look like and how will you celebrate your achievements?”

10. “Have you reached the point where you can go on to reach even greater heights?”

11. “What is the point you need to reach to win and succeed in defeating your fears of business failure?”

12. “What will your legacy be?”


It’s important to research your industry, your competitors, understand the risk and map out your finances before starting your business.


1. Understanding the work involved in starting a business is necessary for a successful launch.

2. The importance of proper business planning cannot be understated, as these decisions are core to how your business takes shape.

3. Making good decisions early on, can help ensure continued business growth.

4. This article is for those who are considering starting a new business and want to learn more about what it takes to get it up and running.


Starting a business can be stressful. It often feels like there are 1,000 things to work on all at the same time.

There is no avoiding this reality for new small business owners, but with a little planning, it’s possible to manage expectations and take actions with a sense of purpose toward building your business and keep focused.

Beyond giving it your all,  it is important to direct your energy to the right tasks – especially at first. Experts say some good first steps in starting a business are researching competitors, assessing the legal aspects of your industry, considering your personal and business finances, getting realistic about the risk involved, understanding timing, and hiring a great team .

Client Journeys

Several times in my business career I have found myself exactly where you are now. I see myself as a person who, through many years of hard-earned experience, can help guide you through the rocky terrain of starting or developing your own business. Each of the videos below were independently recorded to give you an insight as to how I can help you start your own business. Please take a short time to view.

What our client say

"He is determined to ensure they succeed in whatever they are doing.


“I got there much quicker than I would have done without him.


"I think being aware of what you don’t know is important… and then finding someone who does know it.


“It gives you a clearer direction of where the responsibilities lie for yourself.


What you need to consider when starting your own business

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