Our Promise To You

  • Impart our knowledge, experience and insights to you in a confidential, structured meaningful way.
  • Guide you to become the businessperson that you need to be, without the stress of the “unknown – unknowns”.
  • Help you with innovative, best practice tools and techniques to achieve your goals and reduce risk.

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Keeping Business Focused

Online business mentoring and coaching are essential to grow and develop your start-up ideas.
You need online business mentoring/coaching to help and guide your Business startups ideas.

Starting Your Own Business Training


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Business List

    Thomas Cullen — Business Start-up

    €250 €199

    Philip McGonigle (FCCA) — Financials for Start Up and SME’s

    €250 €199

    Arijit Bhattacharjee — Business Strategist & Website Expert

    €250 €199

    Andrew Clarke — Content Marketing Strategist

    €250 €199

    Michelle Devine — BComm, FCA, CTA

    €250 €199

    Sandra Hennessy — eCommerce and Digital Marketing

    €250 €199

    Sean McGlynn — Strategic Thinker / Market Development

    €250 €199

Session 1 – Knowing You: e.g.

  • Getting to know you and your business. Where have you been, where are you now, where do you want to get too? What obstacles or issues are you facing?
  • Understanding your audience, competitors etc.
  • Making a plan and setting achievable goals and action points.

Session 2 – In Depth: e.g.

  • In depth S.W.O.T. analysis
  • In depth Market Research considerations
  • Establish Key Performance Indicators
  • Understanding your customers. What are your top 3 customer segments.

Session 3 – Future Proofed: e.g

  • Consider challenges and risks
  • Barriers to success
  • What are the areas of change anticipated over the next three years
  • Marketing and sales strategy defined and outlined.

What our clients say

The benefits of Sherpha Mentoring and Business Coaching

What we do for you

  • Listen to your concerns and fears.
  • Guide you to find the right direction and destination.
  • Help you to develop solutions to the issues to be faced.

How we do what we do

  • Provide pertinent, positive support and constructive feedback.
  • Guide you on how to be efficient and effective with your resources, time and money.
  • Be practical in approach and focused on solutions to issues as they arise.

Our focus is on you by

  • Providing a safe and confidential engagement.
  • Guidelines that can be easily followed.
  • Help point out strengths and weaknesses in proposed business goals.

Business Mentoring Areas Include

  • Business idea generation and feasibility
  • Starting or Developing Your Business
  • Human Resources
  • Performance Management
  • Change Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Bookkeeping
  • Legal Issues
  • Market Research
  • Tendering
  • Grant Applications
  • Bank Borrowing
  • Investor Ready
  • Preparing Business and Strategic Plans
  • Organisational Development
  • Business Growth
  • Pitch Preparation
  • Generating Business Ideas
  • Business Idea Generation
  • Intellectual Property
  • Preparing a "Value Proposition"
  • Taxation
  • Costs and Pricing
  • Risk Management
  • Health and Safety
  • Management Information Systems

Sector Experience

  • Transport/Distribution
  • Retail
  • Wholesale
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality
  • Food Production
  • Tourism
  • Leisure
  • Fitness
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Waste Management
  • Recycling and Upcycling
  • Environment
  • Print and Packaging
  • Agriculture
  • Fishery
  • Aquaculture
  • Life Sciences
  • Information Technology
  • Social Media
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Life Sciences
  • Operations
  • Print and Packaging
  • Utilities
  • Sports
  • Learning and Development