Had a great experience with Thomas on the SYOB course several years ago with my business partner Sean. Both with little to no experience in business and Thomas gave us a good grounding in the fundamentals. Fast forward 3 years and we are going strong. Highly recommend.

Owen Costello

Thomas is an excellent and engaging Mentor. I have learned so much from this course and Thomas’s encouragement pushed me to keep going forward. I would highly recommend Serpha as an essential ingredient in starting your own business or if looking for ideas to restart your business. This course has given me a whole new outlook for my business Thomas is a wealth of information in all aspects of business and his willingness to share this information with his those that he is mentoring is inspiring.

Paula Bonner

As a mentor, Thomas approaches all his sessions and interactions with professionalism, honesty, and commitment. I found my experience with him to be thought provoking, insightful and time well spent. He demonstrates a tremendous generosity of spirit in his sharing of advice, time, and experience. His determination to add value and benefit to your endeavours reflects his genuine desire to see your business succeed. I very much appreciated his insight, experience and generosity of spirit and have no hesitancy in recommending him as a mentor.

Maria Corrigan

Thomas was my tutor on the Start Your Own Business Course through the Local Enterprise Board in Dublin. Thomas is extremely knowledgeable and experienced across all areas of business start-up – from idea generation to funding, business plan drafting, go to market strategies and knowing the legalities and tax considerations. You could think of Thomas as a one stop shop for any budding entrepreneur looking to make their idea a reality and bring it to market with confidence and assurance that they are going about it the best possible way. Highly recommended

Patrick Conway

I just want to share the excellent training experience I had with Thomas Cullen of Sherpha in my Start your own Business course recently. Thomas has a very professional yet very passionate approach – he presented an excellent course, thank you, Anne McGrory

Anne McGrory

I first encountered Thomas at a LEO course in Dublin, which he was leading. I found Thomas to be really engaging and offers instant, valuable insight and guidance to any situation or scenario you may be facing with your business/idea.

John O'Donoghue

Thomas is an excellent business mentor, with a great knowledge of marketing and finance. I had several Sherpha mentoring sessions all of which were informative professional and personalised to suit my business needs. I highly recommend this service.

Aidan Friel

I was give very clear, concise information based on all relevant key areas of business start-up. It was presented well through a variety of mediums and all queries were answered in a diligent manner. All the risks and rewards of setting up business were highlighted and calculated in a unique and realistic manner for each student for their business idea. I would recommend Sherpha to anyone considering life as an entrepreneur as it will help you decide if it is right for you and help you put your best foot forward.

leticia woods

Thomas isnt good he’s excellent. I took part in a one-week Business start- up programme run by Donegal Local Enterprise office in Letterkenny. The Tutor for the week was Thomas Cullen of Sherpa. As a tutor he was outstanding. His teaching skills were exceptional. He effortlessly set up a very good rapport with the great variety of people on the course. He was engaging, direct, on top of his brief (rarely if ever needing to consult notes) his PowerPoint presentations were always just that, on point and powerful. His preparation was meticulous so that never a minute was wasted. He didn’t just lecture. he had all those participating in the class arguing, discussing, taking points of view,always imagining situations, and commenting and tangling with the brief whatever that was on the day. If the sun was to set on all his skills tomorrow the one that stood out was his honesty. He had experienced the business world at every level. Incredible success and abject failure were either side of the coin of that experience. He never shirked from putting himself on the mountain top to laud his success; equally he told the story of his failures with candour. All of which pointed to a man who not only talked the talk but had walked the walk. His confidence was unbounded and his belief in what he was doing absolute. His experience of the business world and his legal background packs an enormous punch when they combine in what is his obvious calling mentoring those who are trying to get going in business. Thomas Cullen isn’t good at what he does, he’s excellent.

Conor Carney

Thomas mentored me a couple of years ago. He is extremely engaging and challenges you to ask yourself some very searching questions. He helps you develop a roadmap for your business and can help identify blind spots that you may have so that you can resolve them. He is very passionate in what he does, and he invests himself emotionally in your own success. If you are considering going into business for yourself, Thomas will get you to a place where you know if this is for you or not without having to invest all your time and money.

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