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Starting your own business, we help and guide you in executing your business plan & goals. We provide solutions that are innovative, practical, assessable, and affordable, That is to say, we are focused on starting, growing, or developing your business or project.

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Several times in my business career I have found myself exactly where you are now. I see myself as a person who, through many years of hard-earned experience, can help guide you through the rocky terrain of starting or developing your own business. Each of the videos below were independently recorded to give you an insight as to how I can help you start your own business. Please take a short time to view.

He is determined to ensure they succeed in whatever they are doing.


“I got there much quicker than I would have done without him.


I think being aware of what you don’t know is important… and then finding someone who does know it.


“It gives you a clearer direction of where the responsibilities lie for yourself.


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Small businesses are the centerpiece of any economy where innovation and employment can thrive. Governments do not create jobs they can only create an environment where business and enterprise can thrive. Entrepreneurial activity is essential to grow and sustain an economy. We want to help and guide you on your exciting journey in becoming your own boss.

First, you need a business idea and a provable or proven business model.

Secondly, there are a number of critical questions you have to ask yourself when starting your own business.

14 Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Do you have the Skills, Knowledge, Experience, and Ability to help you succeed with your adventure?
  2. You are well-advised to consider the management skills that will be required. You need to complete a S.W.O.T. analysis to determine if you have what it will take to be a successful entrepreneur.
  3. Clearly define what is the problem, pain, or need that your potential customers experience?
  4. Be able to articulate why your solution is the best for your chosen market.
  5. Can you make money i.e. a salary and a profit?
  6. You need to have a robust plan as your strategic map.
  7. Do you know what resources will be required to execute your plan and where will they come from?
  8. You need to consider the needs and resources of the prestart, start-up, development phases (When will you reach a positive cash flow situation).  
  9. Get buy-in from all your stakeholders and family to support you.
  10. Can you show that your business will stand out from the crowded marketplace?
  11. The essential element is to demonstrate you have done your market research and completed market validation with the minimum viable product or service to test the market before you jump in headlong.
  12. What is your marketing and sales strategy?
  13. Critically you need to have and build on your network of contacts.
  14. What happens if things do not go according to plan, are your versatile enough to learn and pivot as the market and or environment requirements change?

Therefore you need to answer all of these in the positive before embarking on this journey of starting your own business.

This is a brief list and not the only issues you will face but they are especially important for you to consider when starting a new business enterprise.   

If you want to start your own business and be your own boss some questions to ask yourself before you take on this journey of starting your own business? This list is not intended to frighten you away but for you to be prepared.  

Can you fit into the business community? 

Can you take the pressures and are you prepared for failure; it is part of the entrepreneurial experience?

Can you manage the stress of false dawns, it will be like going on an extreme roller-coaster?

Can you learn by doing and from your mistakes, as there will be many?

How focused can you be in achieving SMART goals?

How skilled are you at problem solving, multi-tasking and finding innovative solutions?  

Can you live with uncertainty and solitude of starting your own business?

Can you motivate yourself as no one else will?

Why have you decided to start your own business is it out of necessity or have you a great new idea?

Do you not only have the skills required but a passion to achieve success?  

How will you manage success when it arrives as it has the potential to change your life?

Do you have a clear picture of where you and your business will be in years to come? 

Have you considered your pain tolerance for the hard work and continual risk of failure?  

Are you prepared to change your life and lifestyle as you will not have a regular guaranteed income or a regular working week? 

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