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Why use our unique business plan mapping system?

1. Business planning provides direction and guidance for business start-ups and established businesses that want to scale to new heights.

2. Creating a business plan is the first step towards starting or developing a business.

3. We will demystify this by providing you with very simple and clear guidance and support.

Why use our unique mapping system?

Our Sherpha maps are a visual representation of an entire business strategy and plan on one sheet. Demystify and simplify business planning.

Your completed map charts and clarifies your direction (Mission) and destination (Vision), and shows how you are going to get there.

The map illustrates specific and detailed features of the relevant critical areas and key performance indicators to guide and help your organisation succeed.

A focused plan and action points to help you reach your goals

Basecamp Map
Perfect for start-ups or pre-start up

Who is this map for:

  • Ideal for those that have a business idea and want to validate it as a business opportunity.
  • Just what a micro, pre-start/trading, sole trader or self-employed person requires.
  • For feasibility evaluation of your business idea or project. Areas include Marketing / Branding / Public Relations / Operations / Quality / Procurement and Financial Planning and Funding.

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3 structured online mentoring sessions #1: Marketing #2: Operations #3 Financial Management

In addition, you will receive access to our alumni group, newsletters & updates.

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