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We help and guide you in executing your business plans & goals by providing solutions that are innovative, practical, assessable, affordable and are focused on starting, growing or developing your business or project.

About The Sherpha Framework

We have over 30+ years’ experience in business and since 2003 we have worked with 1000’s of clients, Local Enterprise Agencies, National Enterprise Programs, Accelerator and Business Skill Training bodies, delivering both workshops and mentoring services. These services include Business Idea Generation, Starting Your Own Business, and Business Development.

Here to Help

Sherpha.com is here to help, guide and support people who are thinking about, starting or developing a new business or project. Our focus is on those who will be or are self-employed, micro businesses or S.M.E.’s.

We want to destress and de risk the challenges, problems and barriers you will face. We are here to assist you on your journey from idea to commercialisation like a Sherpa would help climbers ascend Mount Everest starting from a basecamp.

We are here to assist you on your journey from idea to commercialisation like a Sherpa would help climbers ascend mount Everest.

The way we do this is through our truly unique and innovative framework of training, mentoring and mapping guidance.

Sherpha will provide you a simple to use and demystified process. We do this through our bespoke online platforms, processes and techniques.

You ascend to the summit in your own time and pace, you are in control.

Keeping Business Focused

Sherpha Founder & CEO Thomas Cullen explains the tree pillars of our framework

Why you need Sherpha


  • Reduces the risks of failure and increases the rewards of the proposed business or project.
  • Establish simplicity in achieving results and staying on track to save time and money.
  • Grow your business faster and sustainably.


  • Easy to use, intuitive guidance.
  • Identifies specific short comings in your business or project planning process.
  • Tailored to business size or sector type by providing balance and order with clear expectations and outcomes.


  • A simple map that assists in avoiding failure in implementing a business plan.
  • Innovative and dynamic management process, for focused action that crystallises your business planning into a single page summary.
  • We guide and help you on your journey to get to your required destination, we do not abandon you on the way.

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Welcome to the Sherpha Framework:

We are an Irish Company primarily serving the Irish and U.K. markets however we do provide services to the broader International Market

With many years’ experience of helping start-ups and small businesses to grow, the best way is to describe the process as a journey with a huge challenge. To capture what is required of this journey is to compare it to climbing Mount Everest.  You start with excellent preparation and securing all the resources you will need. Next, you move to basecamp where you complete your preparations and take your first steps on the ascent. Then the arduous journey of climbing the Mount really picks up pace. You only succeed when you climb to the summit of Everest. Along the way you will depend on a Sherpa who will guide and help you with their experience, to keep you safe and de-risk the climb as much as they can but they cannot guarantee that you will reach the summit.   Its all down to you are you mentally, physically, and financially prepared?     

The reason why we exist  

To keep business focused by providing knowledge, information, experience, insights, and learning to those starting or developing their business whether they are a sole trader, partnership, or a corporate entity.

What we do

We provide easy, accessible, and demystified business planning and development maps, plans, tools, and techniques.   We help entrepreneurs to enhance the opportunity for success, stability, sustainability, and save you time and money.

The way we do this is through  

  • Business training programs
  • Online business mentoring with our subject matter experts
  • Unique business planning maps and publications

Who we provide this service for anyone thinking of or about to start a new business? Or for a small businesses wishing to develop and grow.

Our services are online and accessible at times that suit your needs.

We do not want you to fail and be another statistic:

Failure as a % of start-ups. “Forbes “ over time

Year 132.3%
Year 216.5%
Year 310.3%
Year 46.8%
Year 54.5%

We want to Sherpa you through the challenges you will face such as. The principal reason for failure is poor management skills such as  

  • Lack of Internal Controls                    
    • No Strategic Plan                               
    • Inadequate Pricing Structures           
    • Poor Management Decisions
    • Lack of Budgetary Control
    • Overleveraged           

We are here to guide and help you overcome these challenge

Critical success factors are those few things that must go well to ensure success for a manager or an organization and, therefore, they represent those managerial or enterprise areas that must be given special and continual attention to bring about high performance. Critical Success Factors include issues vital to an organization’s current operating activities and to its future success.” Sloan Management Review, 25(4), pp. 17–27.

Critical success factors we help you with are:

There are four basic types of critical success factors CSF’s that we help you overcome

  1. Industry critical success factors;
  2. Strategy critical success factors;
  3. Environmental critical success factors  and
  4. Temporal critical success factors  

The Critical Success Factors identified in the BIR process

  1. People – with the right skills, Knowledge, and Ability.
  2. Resources – nonhuman
  3. Innovation – ideas and development
  4. Marketing – you need a robust marketing plan
  5. Operations – always strive for continuous improvement and the highest quality,
  6. Finance- There must always be sufficient cash in the business

Top tips for managing a small business plan:

  • Things that are measured get done more often than things that are not measured. So, express everything in numbers or percentages.  Now how can you apply this to:
  • Define your business – establish on paper what your business will do; what products and services will it offer.
  • Know your customers – everything you can learn from them based on market research
  • Understand the competition –Know their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Be realistic – setting achievable SMART Goals.

Thomas Cullen 18/07/2020

Founder and C.E.O.

Client Journeys

Several times in my business career I have found myself exactly where you are now. I see myself as a person who, through many years of hard-earned experience, can help guide you through the rocky terrain of starting or developing your own business. Each of the videos below were independently recorded to give you an insight as to how I can help you. Please take a short time to view.

He is determined to ensure they succeed in whatever they are doing.


“I got there much quicker than I would have done without him.


I think being aware of what you don’t know is important… and then finding someone who does know it.


“It gives you a clearer direction of where the responsibilities lie for yourself.


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